“I met Rachelle via email after requesting to tour an apartment. She was very kind and asked if I wanted to set up a tour for said apartment. After this encounter, she asked me if I would want to work with her, giving her my apartment preferences. I agreed! She then send me many options within my budget and with most if not all of my preferences included. She helped me set up several more tours which we viewed alongside her. She gave us details about each place we saw. After seeing a place we LOVED, she told us next steps we needed to complete in order to secure this property. She was timely, always answering my texts and emails, and making sure we got all materials in within the allotted time frame. She even followed up with us and answered any additional questions we had. She was amazing to work with and I even send her contact to one of my friends who is currently apartment searching! Rachelle is amazing and I would recommend to anyone looking to rent/buy.”

— Emma F.

“Rachelle is fantastic! She made the whole home buying process easy and helped us every step of the way. She was a breeze to work with and gave us objective advice with no pressure. It was an in demand property with multiple bids but she worked her magic and got us our dream house! She even recommended contractors and home repair after our purchase. I cannot recommend her enough!”

— Matthew J Coleman, Philadelphia

“If you are looking for a positive, honest, and professional realtor in the Philadelphia area, Rachelle is the agent for you. We met during an open house where Rachelle was the listing agent. Although I did not end up purchasing that property, she took an immediate interest in helping me find the right home. As the agent I was working with could not be present in Philadelphia, Rachelle was able to assist me in finding and accessing the properties that I was interested in. If not for her carefully curated information, availability, and quick communication, I would not have found the wonderful home where I now live. Best of all, Rachelle is a resident of the city herself and has a deep appreciation of, and commitment to, the community and all the things that make Philly a great place to live. In this market, finding someone you can count on, like Rachelle, is more important than ever!”

— Evan Easton

“A couple in our 60’s, we wanted to downsize. We had a challenge ahead of us. We needed to sell our South Philly rowhome and our Queen Village investment condo in order to buy the carefree apartment home of our dreams in Center City. The challenge turned into a reality and none of it could have happened so smoothly and successfully without the wisdom, guidance, business acumen, organization, optimism and charm of our realtor Rachelle Lee Schneider. If you are researching a realtor and you’ve landed here, read on to see why we highly recommend Rachelle Lee Schneider as your realtor. Or just call her right now and read the rest later.

After our initial conversation with Rachelle, we had a really good feeling we were in good hands. Rachelle’s follow up included answers to all our questions and included a guideline of actions that needed to be taken. She couldn’t stress enough how important our partnership would need to be in order to ensure success. Since we had our challenges cut out for us (selling two properties and buying another one), it was extremely important to stick with the plan and keep on schedule.

Rachelle and her team at Space & Company pulled off a feat we thought would be impossible. Just getting the properties ready for the market can be a big challenge but Rachelle comes with a network of people who all work together to get things done. Her team works with the best photographers, most reliable lenders and a big network of different contractors.

Our open house for the rowhome was a big success. The listing and photos generated a lot of interest. That weekend, we had 12 offers and a spreadsheet in our email inbox. We accepted an offer that was 13 % over asking and we were on our way.

Our investment condo never even got to the market. We asked our tenant who was not originally interested in buying the unit to have a conversation with Rachelle. They did. And then, with a combination of insight, persistence and negotiating skills, Rachelle sold our condo to the tenant in a day.

Yes, we highly recommend Rachelle Lee Schneider as your realtor.”

— Craig Bierman